The Scarlet Letter: An Essay

the scarlet letter essay

In this The Scarlet Letter essay, some issues that caught the attention of religious and non-religious sectors will be expounded. The 1850 work of fiction by Nathaniel Hawthorne has caused uproar due to the violation on conservatism that it depicts. Although previous publications with a resembling theme have been distributed during its days, it’s considered to be one that readers won’t easily get over.


The novel exposes the tale that began in the summer of 1642 with the release of a woman who committed adultery and chose to condemn herself more by raising the product of her shameful deed. From her introduction until the end, she dealt with the mockery and judgment of society. Unapologetically, she was made to announce her sin, illegality, and guilt by means of wearing a badge in the form of an uppercase A.

In this The Scarlet Letter essay, it will be shared to you how the author paved a way for the people to be aware that their actions are questionable. The manner that the book is received hints of a corrupt system with hypocrites all around; you would think that the majority is rid of degradable habits.


  • Hester Prynne
  • Richard Bellingham
  • Martin Luther
  • Anne Hutchinson
  • Sir Thomas Overbury

The figures enlisted above embody real individuals. They are either directly related to Hawthorne or notable personalities emerging from the norm. This is for the purpose of adding a more emphasized reality. The main character, Hester is based on the author’s wife.

Social Criticisms

People have distinguished a breach on moral conduction upon processing the material. In this The Scarlett Letter essay and other similar pieces, you will understand why. According to conservative fellows, it toys with one of the core principles of humanity. During the period it reached an audience, it was a gallant move to insist popularizing such a theme. It was only because Hawthorne owned the support of a respected literary establishment that he was able to push through with the publication.


In tuitions, a course tackling Hawthorne’s magnum opus is a requirement. With all the social adversaries it dwells upon, you could discern the point schools present. It has also been adapted into other kinds of media including films, stage plays, and operas and remains to be noted even up to today. To lapse into a modern time, the 2010 movie Easy A has drawn inspiration from it.

With the crass way that the story unfolds, you can’t avoid but ponder how Hawthorne forced a truth that most wouldn’t accept. In this The Scarlet Letter essay, you will agree that the novel is full of personal and philosophical insights that need to be discussed to crowds in all ages.

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