The Great Gatsby Essay

The Great Gatsby Essay Sample

When you read The Great Gatsby essays, it will be shown to you how corrupt morals reign over the standards of society. F. Scott Fitzgerald considers this particular work of his as his magnum opus because it’s unlike everything else he has devoted his time on.


Set in the summer of 1922, the story begins to expand with an outsider who wanted to immerse in the grandeur that a place and life, in general, have to offer. From his point of view, you are briefed with his humble means to make ends meet and how he was able to scoot to a better arrangement. He dumped himself to where he could be nothing more but an observer. With that, he was privileged to witness the reality of the people in his new home.

He could sense that all are capable of manipulation. Winning the attention of someone is by far, a residual trait everybody posses. It is given light in the novel. In conflict with our own establishment, we stretch just to be applauded. That is a fact subjective to our own personal situation.


After you read this “The Great Gatsby” essay, you will agree that we all extend ourselves just to please others. It is somehow an obligation enforced on us by our motive to sweep people of their feet and make them twirl around in our control. We can choose to be ignorant of this but we can’t deny the truth this statement holds.

We all have desires. Secret aims, you may call it that. Deep within the front we expose, a more driven being is contained. That’s how it is in The Great Gatsby. Essays on the book will propose the same thing. We act as behaved as an audience expects us to be but we can never really tame ourselves when it comes to what we want. Usually, we’ll do whatever it takes to achieve it.

You have to agree that power is reserved for the rich. The more you own, the wider your reach can get. Unfortunately, all things work out that way. You could deceive yourself by honoring some other kind of might but eventually, you’ll acknowledge the fact that you need a lot of money.

In The Great Gatsby essays, you will come to terms with the message that the author brings. We will fight for what we want but that doesn’t mean success is the only place we’re headed to. Naivety won’t do us favors. We all have to wake up and admit that we are not immune to failures. The realization that a dream has been put to a halt can be harsh but you are given no choice but to acknowledge it and map out from there.

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