Essay Conclusion Examples

Here is a list of types of conclusion as well as their corresponding essay conclusion examples.


Basically this is a recap of the important points stated on the essay. Although this includes information already mentioned in the essay’s body, do not be repetitive with word usage. Also, you don’t have to explain things thorough. Instead just supply gist of the matter.

“Barrack Obama’s first year in office wasn’t as tasteful as people expected it to be. Foreign policies are still not properly addressed, the country remains in hot waters of crisis, and people continue to grow impatient of promises left unfilled. It is sad that even with so much potential, Obama might still end this battle saying “Change, we can’t.”


As you can begin your introduction with a question, you can employ the same method when writing the conclusion. Usually, questions are intended to imply a call for action or to give the reader something to ponder on.

“The school’s initiative to use color-coded trash bins is one step in waste segregation. With more people rising up to the challenge of environmental reformation, the question now remains: What are you planning to do to help?”


Some of these essay conclusion examples can also be for writing introductions. For instance, you can cite statements from both famous and non-famous personas as you would in introductions as long as they prove relevant to the main topic of the essay.

“Margaret, who will undergo her last maintaining PET scan, says, ‘If I gave up, nothing would happen still. So I stood up. I fought a good fight. There’s always hope. There always is.’”


If you started your introduction with an anecdote, you can pick up from where you left when writing your conclusion. There two ways of writing narratives: either retrospective or embedded.

“A few minutes before the flood arrived, who would’ve thought that it would leave us with nothing but second chances to live our lives? When the clock struck 11, who would’ve thought a huge wall of water would destroy bridges, houses, families? Nobody. But despite everything, we’re still blessed with today. And we carry on.”

Projective conclusion:

This type of conclusion works similarly like a recommendation. It states the “what if’s” and works its way into fixing loopholes to problems discovered in your essay.

“39% of students in School A are engaged in binge drinking even during school days due to the availability of alcoholic drinks in stores located near the said school. Establishments should take it upon themselves to restrict students from accessing these substances on school hours and days. The school, too, has the responsibility of strictly inculcating in their students right values that would lead them away from such vices.”

The aforementioned are some essay conclusion examples which you can use for academic and non-academic writing. To further your paper’s unique creativity, you may use one or more of these together in your conclusion.

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