Essay on Animal Farm by George Orwell

Animal Farm Essay

In this Animal Farm essay, you will be enlightened by how George Orwell stitched facts together. During his days, he grew tired of everything that was going on. The chaos that he had to deal with is narrated in his novella, implying how much he longed to escape his predicament. He indulged himself with satire as he presented his experience and you could only be impressed by his manner.


Corruption is addressed by the writer and even though going against it seemed hopeless, Orwell refused otherwise. He acknowledged how he is rendered powerless. Next to whom society deemed mighty, he was ranked at a level unworthy of notice. Nevertheless, his purpose is to nurse a voice that nobody can silence.

Shared in this Animal Farm essay is an inkling of the tale of how it started out with a nuisance of observations. With a drunkard in his introduction, it proves that all he wanted to depict is the truth. He indicates that a man who is familiar with his routine can be rid of it as immediate as when he was quenched. With his talent for pitching detail, you can’t be less flabbergasted by how the entirety of the material.

Over and over again, the book indicates an oppressed nature. The protagonist is recognized to be afraid of his own mind but at the same time, remains to be fascinated by the depth of what it reveals. In other Animal Farm essays out there, you can distinguish patterns that somehow complement his troubled psyche.

A Personal Vendetta

Joseph Stalin was the person whom the prolific author and a player of words had all this rebellion for. He had made it evident that he will never be a fan of the man and didn’t shy from admitting it when put in a controversial spot. In his own words, Animal Farm is described as a “contre Stalin” novel. A revolt happened when it did because it justified the poor dominance that was imposed.

Main figures:

  • Pigs
  • Humans
  • Equines

With a striking approach and an odd ensemble of characters, as suggested in its title, Orwell mimics how the norm is treated. He tackles issues such as myopia, wickedness, indifference, greed, and ignorance. Governance that has lead to destruction of many levels is portrayed and if you have read the book, you could only consider yourself lucky for not being around during his days.

Having read this Animal Farm essay, you will agree that a realization of what took place will be immortalized if you put it in paper. Originally, in an attempt to sugarcoat the events for an undisclosed reason, the novelist added “A Fairy Story” to its title. George Orwell practiced allegory and recounted the turmoil he faced in his age as vividly as he could.

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