The Hunger Games: an Essay

hunger games essay

In this essay on “The Hunger Games”, you will be privileged to explore what the majority finds controversial. Many people have read the book then proceeded to the cinemas to be awed by it being brought to life. With the realization that culture prompts everybody to follow the current, you have to will yourself to find out more about the realm that Suzanne Collins created.


Classified as a Young Adult novel, The Hunger Games mirrors the substance that the world has been occupied with. Both in the book and film, it has been made apparent that the challenges dubbed as a juvenile’s are real. In a way that the older generation cannot comprehend, matters such as poverty, racism, bullying, and oppression are some topics that are proven constant in everyday existence.

You may be reminded of the corrupted morals when you decide to read or watch the Hunger Games. Essays such as this one can work as a portal for you to weigh discussions. The fact that the material is set in a period where manipulative forces control the outcome is something you can’t ignore.

If we all continue to kneel down to an authority whose only advantage is possessing fortune, it is made evident that there shouldn’t be a flicker of hope for improvement. There is no point, at all, in looking forward to what the next day has to offer when we’re mindlessly heading to an end without a purpose.

Survival of the fittest – that’s how it is shown. It’s as if we are just putting any kind of effort to waste. Emotional stretches are unacceptable if you plan to keep your life. In this “The Hunger Games” essay, you will conclude that a conscience is something you own but never use. Basically, you are forced to kill. You have no time to decide otherwise. If you refuse, you die. That’s how it is, whether you choose to be against it.

In Contrast To Reality

The masterpiece tackles the rawness of personal issues that are commonly dismissed by elder figures. For the more mature folks, there should be other things to be worried about. Problems that could be dealt with by imposing intellectual domination should be ignored. According to them, if enough time has passed, those preposterous troubles will, too.

In this “The Hunger Games” essay, you will agree that the material hits the very nature of humanity’s fate. Others say that the book and film represent a dystopian world of children being mocked by entertainment. To take it seriously puts you in a position where you begin to question if that is how everybody goes by in reality. With all the tactless movements of society, should you wonder whether we are all lead by authorities who can’t seem to figure out the importance of their jobs? Suzanne Collins has pointed it out well enough.

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