The Crucible Essay

the crucible essay

In this The Crucible essay, Arthur Miller’s poignant masterpiece will be given light. The story revolves around the Salem witch trials that etched a mark in history between the years of 1692 and 1693 but beyond that, the audience can sense the generic approach of the 1952 play. Beyond the dramatization that is reenacted on stage, the ethical behavior of the whole is adamantly discussed. Meant to be an allegorical response to the U.S. government’s stunt of blacklisting communist, it is considered a prime of American drama.

The Title

Crucible is a metal container to be used for subjecting the contents to high temperature as any dictionary would define. In the literary material, a character is deemed a metal heated by the situation he is in. When challenged to look death in the eye, his moral standards are made evident. That was Miller’s purpose – to show that in a time of desperation, barely anyone would insist on honoring his beliefs.

In this The Crucible essay, you will be prompted to think outside the box. Beyond the statement that the title holds, there’s more. Because the theme of the tale borders on an objective matter, you would discern a grasp of why this is. However, it is the American playwright’s intention to direct you toward symbolism of another degree. With his talent of adopting metaphors, he was successful.


  • John Proctor – -the protagonist who is a down-to-earth farmer
  • Elizabeth Proctor -sentenced to death but was saved because she was pregnant
  • Giles Corey – a reasonable outsider who held strong opinions about his observations

In this The Crucible essay, you will agree that the play emphasizes the major involvement of the three. They are an inch of the mile that the narration featuring strong personalities imparts but each of them represents a stereotype. With the bunch, the story of the witch trials that took place in the past in Massachusetts can never be forgotten.

Historical Resemblance

In this The Crucible essay, you have the opportunity to understand why a cluster of people chose to indulge themselves in the world created by Arthur Miller. When the author expressed his discontent with the production when it first came out, improvements were forced upon it as years go by. Because its accuracies of history entail evidence of a reality, it is an inevitability for society to be drawn to the work.

The fact that the playwright intended to send out a message to all sorts of groups is something that has to be acclaimed. He stood a ground that supported the injustice of matters that are normally misunderstood. Up to this day, The Crucible retains its emblem of strength that uncertainties come with.

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